About Us

You may have an insatiable desire to know who we are, and it wouldn't be 2020 without a heavy dose of self-importance!

We're Justin and Alyssa, a couple from New Jersey (make one damn Sopranos joke. Go ahead, we dare you). We started this Anomalous thing back in 2009, when we were in our early 20s and just kinda, sorta figuring out how life works. Now that we went and figured it all out and became all-knowing life gurus, we're back!

Anomalous came to fruition out of the need to create stuff. Stuff that's perhaps unique and different from the status quo in some ways. We've always thought it was cool to be yourself and express who you are, quirks and all, and that sentiment has continued and amplified now, more than a decade later.

Justin went on to write a bunch of fiction books and has worked for the last half decade as a barber.

Alyssa has been far busier than her partner, raising, and, thanks to current circumstances, schooling two children, all while working full time and maintaining a home.

It'll never not be weird typing in 3rd person.

So... what now?

When we closed up shop the first time, we realized we had a lot to learn. A lot of things to experience. And a lot of that experience is what whittled down some of the baby fat we all carry with us early on in our lives. We've got a long way to go, but we're hopeful to journey along with you guys now.

Anomalous started out by using t-shirts as a canvas to scream out messages we believed in. And while that was the genesis of the company, Anomalous 2.0 will be a much different beast. We've got tons of ideas, from clothing, to self-care products, to housewares. All handmade by us or people we work very closely with.

We hope you enjoy our products, old and new.

– J & L